Yes! While we do own your lights, we still offer a discount for returning customers, expect a 15% discount for the following years.
Every house is so unique, and each customer has their own preference and budget, but our prices start at $699 and go up depending on what is desired by the customer. Most of our jobs range from $699-$2500 typically.
Nope! It is completely up to you if you want to be home or not. Most of the time, the customer is not at home since we install during normal work hours.
Our most popular decoration we offer is our commercial-grade LED C9 bulbs that will go on your gutters and roofs(typically a warm white color, but can provide any color combination), we also install lights in bushes and small trees, and can also provide wreaths, and other greenery. We pretty much have access to any type of decoration you wish to have!
Unfortunately we do not install lights provided by the customer. We have had too many issues with this in the past. By providing our own material, we can insure the highest-quality materials and take away any liability concerns that installing customer-provided material can bring.

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